Schuller Fest - Symposium celebrating Professor Ivan Schuller's

65th birthday.

Symposium Talks

Nano-Contact Spin Torque Oscillators Based Magnonics (PDF) - Akerman
Spatial dependence of the distribution of current in nanotubes and nanowires (PDF) - Albuquerque
Spintronics - Implications for Energy, Information and Medical Technology* (PDF) - Bader
Shedding IR light on high-Tc superconductivity (PDF) - Basov
Tuning exchange bias in Ni/FeF2 heterostructures (using antidot arrays) (PDF) - Batlle
The role of intrinsic random pinning in superconducting Nb films with periodic magnetic and non magnetic pinning sites (PDF) - Bekeris
Superconducting nanorings that operate as Brownian ratchets (PDF) - Berger
Physics At All Scales - 30 Years of Collaboration and Friendship (PDF) - Bruynserade
Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in cobalt films nanopatterned with ion beam sputtering (PDF) - Colino
Molecular Spintronics (PDF) - Coronado
A Microscopic Understanding Of Exchange Anisotropy In Fe/MnF2 Bilayers - A product of life lessons from Ivan (PDF) - Dahlberg
Methodology for the search for new superconductors (PDF) - delaVenta
Graded Anisotropy FePtCu Films (PDF) - Dumas
Micro and nano-domain engineering in polar crystals (PDF) - Eger
Magnetic properties of carbon nanocluster (PDF) - Escudero
Upper limit to magnetism in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures (PDF) - Fitzsimmons
Happy Birthday Ivan - You are now closer to 70! (PDF) - Fullerton
Charger Transfer Effects At The Metal/Organic Interface (PDF) - Gallego
Fabrication and properties of hybrid Au/Fe oxide nanostructures (PDF) - Garcia
Spintronics with semiconductor materials (PDF) - George
Dynamics of successive minor hysteresis loops (PDF) - Gerber
Vortices on the move: playing with nanostructured hybrid systems (PDF) - Gonzalez
New Superconduc-ng Materials Research: Interna-onal Pursuits with Ivan (PDF) - Greene
From multilayers to bilayers of exchange bias and of graphene flatland: Encounters with "IKS" (PDF) - Guntherodt
Pure Spin Currents: Discharging Spintronics (PDF) - Hoffmann
Power Point Vortrag Madrid October 2011 (PDF) - Huebener
Chirality Control and Vortex Manipulation in Nanomagnets (PDF) - KaiLiu
Ferromagnetic Resonance Measurements And Simulations On Periodic Hole And Disc Arrays (PDF) - Ketterson
Ivan Schuller Fest Madrid, 21 de Octubre de 2011 (PDF) - Kiwi
Using Model Systems to Elucidate Exchange Bias Mechanisms (PDF) - Lederman
Superconductivity, spin and charge order, and quantum critical behavior in correlated electron materials (PDF) - Maple
Superconducting vortices and magnetic nanostructures sign a collaboration agreement at UCSD (PDF) - Martin
Periodically Rippled Graphene: A playground for 2D self-organization and organic magnetism (PDF) - Miranda
Magneto - optical experiments to infer the spin configuration of FeF2 based exchange coupled systems. (PDF) - Morales
GRADED MEDIA: Towards to more than 1 Tbit/in2 magnetic recording (PDF) - Niarchos
Exchange Bias And Proximity Effects In Inverted Antifrro (AFM) - Ferri (FiM) Core- Shell Nanoparticles (PDF) - Nogues
Magneto-optical studies on exchange biased iron nanodots (PDF) - Petracic
Physics at the nanoscale: A symposium in honor of Ivan Schuller (PDF) - Prieto
Complex Oxide Interfaces (PDF) - Santamaria
Why I Became A Physicist or Lessons I Learned From My Father On the Way to Becoming a Physicist or Schuller's Rules (PDF) - Schuller
Lens-less X-ray Imaging (PDF) - Shpyrkot
Contributions to Ivan's Bias (PDF) - Sinha
Inducing exchange bias into Co thin films by implantation of O ions (PDF) - Temst
Nanoscale modulation of high-TC superconductivity (PDF) - Villegas
Schuller Research Adventures (PDF) - Weinstock

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