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On this page, you will find links to some PDF files with news related to our research topics that may be interesting to you.

New magnetic material could revolutionize magnetic recording

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Leading Nanoscience Experts Meet on Easter Island
CCTV's Stephen Gibbs reports on a conference that took place on Easter Island for some of the world's leading experts in nanoscience, concerned with examining matter around the scale of single atoms
Metal oxide chips show promise
Nature News
Kaleidoscope Image
Physical Review B, December, 2009
Kaleidoscope Image
Physical Review B, November, 2009
UC cuts will hurt education and research
(The San Diego Union-Tribune, July 17, 2009)
Evolution and Creationism in Schools
(The New York Times, June 11, 2008)
Science Museum: Ivan, bowling balls, and liquid nitrogen
Strange matter - Fox 6 news - 02/08/08

Fox 6 interview movies
Scientists develop sensor to detect homemade bombs

The Engineer Online, 03/19/2008

The Financial Express, 03/19/2008

The Daily Transcript, 03/18/2008 03/19/2008 03/18/2008
The big deal with nanoscience
(Telluride Daily Planet, February 5, 2008)
Discover the magical world of nanoscience in special talk
(The Telluride Watch, February 4, 2008)

Breaking News-Scientific Background for 2007 Nobel Prize
See reference 9

When Things Get Small' finds the fun in Nanoscience
(JOM, August 2006)
Small Stuff on the Big Screen, Popular Science, May 2006
When Things Get Small
Premier in Mexico, 18 de abril
Nanotechnology Now
Press Release, April 7, 2006
Brookhaven Show
March 31, 2006
When Things Get Small - honored with two Telly awards, University of California Television, March 2006
When Things Get Small Premier, University of California Television, March 2006

Brookhaven National Laboratory, News Realease, March 2006

American Way, December 2005
Most UC staffers underpaid, prof says
(The San Diego Union-Tribune, Novermber 16, 2005)
Spotlight in Nanotechnology
(The San Diego Union Tribune, 12 March 2005)
Flemish Academic Center For Science and the Arts
Annual Report 2004
Brinker and Schuller named 2003 MRS Medalists
(MRS Bulletin, November 2003, 852)
Memory Enhancers
(Science News, September 2003, 171)
Nanomagnetism Pushes the Limits of Size and Characterization Scales
(MRS Bulletin, July 2003, 530)
Magnetic Nanostructures: Overcoming Thermal Fluctuations
(Nature Materials, July 2003, 437)
Ivan Schuller on YBCO
(Berkeley Workshop, June, 1987)
Architects in the laboratory
(Discover, April 1981)

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