Funding Sources for International Collaborations

Prepared by Ivan K. Schuller, Chair, CISA

  1. Fulbright
    • Individual Visiting Fulbright Scholar Grants.
    • U.S. Institutions to Host Visiting Scholars.
    • Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Programs.
  3. Soros

    • Only Europe.
  5. Guggenheim

    • Fellowships for individuals only, not institutions.
    • Fellowships not available for students.
  7. Packard Foundation

    • Grants for interdisciplinary approach to answer questions and make discoveries in natural science and engineering.
  9. NSF

    • International Programs
  11. DOE

    • No specific information about International Programs.
  13. ONR

    • No specific information about International Programs.
  15. Summit of the Americas

    • Promote economic development and address environmental concerns.
  17. Organization of American States

    • Fellowship Programs for citizens or permanent residents of an OAS member state, who hold a university degree or demonstrated ability to pursue advanced studies.
  19. TWAS Third World Academy of Sciences

    • Support scientific research by individual scientists from developing countries. Five Awards in basic sciences are given each year in various fields, including physics..
    • Eligible candidates must be nationals of developing countries and living and working in those countries.
  21. Ford Foundation

    • Most grants are given to organizations. Grants to individuals are few and limited to research, training, and other activities related to the Foundation's program interests.
    (Aim appears to be primarily economic and environmental issues, social sciences, etc.) None of the present grants are in the physical sciences.)
  23. Private Funding Sources

    • List of private foundations.
  25. Rotary Grants for University Teachers

    • Grants for university professors to teach in developing countries.
    • Applicant and host countries must contain Rotary Club (currently in 155 countries).
    • Developing Countries are those with per capita GNP of US $6,375 or less.
    • Types of grants are: US $10,000 for 3-5 months, or US $20,000 for 6-10 months. Funding may be used for living expenses, transportation and other related expenses.
    • Some countries are: Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Peru, Philippines.
  27. Sloan Foundation

    • Fellowships to young scientists, with little or no outside support.
    • Direct support of research in areas of scientific significance, which haven't been recognized by major government funders, or do not fit well within their disciplinary structures or program orientations.
  29. Spencer Foundation

    Support work that shows promise of contributing new knowledge, understanding and improvement of educational thought and practice.
    • Senior Researchers.
    • Fellowships for Postdoctoral Work.
    • Major Research Grants ~$35.000 per year.
    • Small Research Grants - less than $35,000 per year.
  31. Dow Chemical

    One area supported a university project or program involving science, engineering, business or other related areas that also improve the pool of talented students from which we can choose future employees.
  33. Corporate Grantmakers on the Internet

    List of all U.S. Corporations offering grants.

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